Importance Of Having A Size Guide In The Website

Many customers are already having the experience of ordering their favorite dress, and when it reaches to them, the size of the dress does not get fit with their body. To overcome this type of disappointments from the customers, you need to have a proper size guide on your website. The sizes of the clothes usually differ from company to company, and it also depends on the place where they have been produced and designed.

Large size is not always a large size for all companies, and some of the sites keep the international brand dresses, and their size also get differ from each other. So, it is important for the website to have a size chart or online guide for the dresses. This will help the customers to have their perfect size. The size chart not only help the customers to buy proper size, but it also makes them happy to have their perfect size dress in their wardrobe. Some of the tips for having a size chart are follows:

  • It helps in understanding the size

Most of the time, small medium and large size tag are not enough for the customer as they want that dress should fit them perfectly. So they search for perfect size reference, and at this time the size chart will come to rescue for them. It helps in providing the proper measurements of the length of sleeves, waist, and shoulder.

  • To have the proper position of the chart

You need to make it sure that the size chart should be easily visible and a customer can find it very easily with some clicks only. This chart positioning is all about convenience, and it helps in searching for the information which was discouraging, and it can lead to an abandoned shopping cart, and you may lose a customer.

To have a good website, you need to encourage your customers to leave some reviews on the page. It will help in marketing and branding of the website if the customers give a lot of reviews about your site. Other than reviews, you need to have a good return policy so that the dress that customers feel not for them after it gets to them can return the same in a click.

All these things should be in mind while setting up a website and make it sure that the customers will find their choice of dress at a convenient way and you can too get new potential customers if your website provides good services.